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Brian Jenkins is running for United States Senate to help America return to limited government and in hope of a brighter future for all.

Limited Government

Brian believes in the importance of limited government to protect individual liberties and promote economic prosperity.


Brian is a strong advocate for individual freedom and personal responsibility. He believes in empowering individuals to pursue their own happiness and achieve their full potential.

Fiscal Responsibility

Brian is committed to fiscal responsibility and reducing government spending. He believes in keeping taxes low and eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy.

An Open Letter

Dear Rob Axson, Kim Coleman, Stafford Palmieri and McKay Newell,

Thank you for your service to Utah. It has been argued that whoever occupies the positions that you four currently occupy are are the most important people in Utah when it comes to preserving our freedoms. The Utah Republican party nominating convention is the gate that the majority of Utah's representative's go through to be elected. The four of you have already served at significant time, effort and personal financial cost. I would argue that you four are in a position to impact Utah's freedom in a way that will insure that Utah's Representatives are elected by Utahns this year and even years to come. 
In 2012 an anonymous donation earmarked for electronic voting was made to the Utah Republican Party. Up until then voting was done with paper ballots as specified in the Utah Republican Party constitution. I and the party vice chair and the party secretary met the party chair at the Republican Party headquarters and pled that the party not use electronic voting because it was unverifiable. The party vice chair was a programmer. He offered to make the electronic voting verifiable. The chairman of the Republican Party wanted electronic voting. Our request was denied. The vice chair's offer to make electronic voting verifiable was rejected. 
The 2012 Utah Party leadership's switch from paper ballots to electronic voting in the Utah Republican Party's Nominating Convention may constitute the largest injury to Utah's freedom that has happened in the last few decades. And you four are in a position to undo that injury and strike a blow for freedom that might eclipse anything done in recent decades and future ones as well. 
I and many other candidates and many delegates are praying that you will have the courage and integrity to allow paper balloting in the upcoming convention and change the bylaws which were written in contravention to the party's Constitution to allow electronic voting.

- Brian Jenkins, Candidate for US Senate

5000 year leap

Brian believes that the miracle of America and the astonishing success and progress that she has enjoyed is not very well understood today. He believes if Americans understood the tremendous loss of life under tyrannies and kings and monarchs, they would do all in their power to keep America as a limited government. Efforts to give government powers beyond those granted in the Constitution would be resisted mightily. Regarding trusting power to men in government, Jefferson said, 

 "In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but let us bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution." 

What Jefferson called 'mischief' is often disguised as help. The world is not perfect, people are suffering, government can solve those problems but it will need a lot of power to do that. More power than is granted it in the US constitution. 

In that regard, Jefferson also said, "if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy."

In the book, The 5000 year leap, the astonishing story of the formula that created a government that would protect life and Liberty but would be limited in its powers is laid out in the book The 5000 year leap. Brian is asking those who become part of his campaign to read that book so that when people ask them what Brian believes they can more intelligently answer. A link to an online copy of that book is included here.

About Brian Jenkins

A leader for limited government and freedom

Brian Jenkins is a candidate running for United States Senate in Utah. With a strong focus on limited government and the principles of freedom laid out by our founding fathers, Brian is committed to bringing positive change to our great state. Join the campaign today and help us create a better future for all Utahns.

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